Monday, September 12, 2011

Round 3 Bloggers Challenge! Let's go!!

Once again I am hosting a bloggers challenge on courage2start.

This time I'm actually organised! Expect a new topic every week - usually on the weekend depending on my work schedule.

This week's topic is an easy one. I've designed it to be be quick to do, and give everyone a chance to get involved.

Sooooo topic number one ... is INTRODUCE YOURSELF!

Copy the following questions to your blog. Answer them. Help us to get to know our fellow bloggers and what you really think of 12wbt!

1. Describe yourself in 25 words or less. You can get straight to the point - or bring your creativity into play.

2. What brings you to 12wbt? Getting fitter? Losing weight? (Gaining weight??) Are you first timer, a repeat offender??

3. Why do you blog??

4. Who is your biggest inspiration in life and why (doesn't have to be weight loss)

5. What things in life bring you the most joy?

6.What do you think your greatest challenge is going to be this round?

7. What are you most excited about 12wbt?

8. And what scares the pants off you?

9. Tell me - right now - today - how do you feel about exercise in no more than 10 words

10. Complete this sentence - in 12 weeks time - on the last day of 12wbt I am going to be feeling ____________________

When you have finished your week on blogging challenge lick on the add your blog button below. You can then link your entry directly below this post so others can read it too


  1. Wow Kath - so many linked already!! Exciting! I'm going to come back later and visit some of them :)

  2. Thanks doing this challenge. I love reading everyones journey - It helps to keep me inspired.

  3. Wow so many to read! Thanks for organising Kath!

  4. Hi there Kath & Challengers!! Not sure if I am linking this in the right spot, but the link to my introductory blog post is here:

    Happy weekend everyone!!

  5. I'm also a Kath :) - might be a bit late for this week but looking forward to do this throughout Round 3 and reading others :)

  6. Hi everyone, thought I would add my link here too

    Thanks Kath for organising and thanks for sharing everything.

  7. Such a great idea posting this :) Cant wait to see what your other challenges will be.

  8. here is my entry sorry it is late. XOXOOX butterfly lisa.

  9. hi hun,
    here is mine, sorry it is late.

  10. here is mine. xoxo
    butterfly lisa