Monday, September 19, 2011

Round 3 blogging challenge - Number 2. A picture of health?

Firstly - I'm sorry this second challenge is late! Don't put it off blogger! Its gonna be a big week! Two challenges to catch up - here is the first!

Secondly ... OH MY!!! 82 submissions to week one! You blow me away! I am doing my best to read them all - and I will! (the public ones anyway!)

So ... onto week two!

And if you haven't read week one's blogs - check it out HERE!! Be inspired!!

Michelle Bridges has often said "If you don't make time for healthy living now - make sure you make time for illness later"

I know she's not the original source (and I will endeavour to find it) , but this leaves me to my next blogging challenge.

Often at this stage on the forums we have two very distinct groups. One is up and at em. Enthused. Ready to go. One in all in. Two, three classes a day and running and cycling to.

Then you have those, who are struggling just to get started. And that first group is very very overwhelming to them.

And a lot of us are somewhere in between.
And that is normal. We all have different visions of health. Maybe health to you is running two marathons a year (not to me!)
Maybe it is keeping up with your kids.
Maybe it is being able to go for a jog Sunday mornings, or knowing you have the strength to dig and play in your garden.

I'm asking you to paint me a picture.

What is (to you) a picture of health?
What is health?

I'm a nurse. Shoot me. This interests me! But the varied responses from week one had me thinking. And wondering.

I'm not after a textbook answer. Paint me picture. Paint yourself a picture. Give yourself something to be inspired by.

Week two is health

Write your blog. Link it below! Have fun! Get real! Be honest!

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  1. Hi Kath, i have a feeling that mb got that quote from john howard - but not 100% positive, but i think she mentioned it in one of her videos - keep up the great ideas...thanks so much for organising this!