Friday, September 2, 2011

Inspiration from the forums: What I'm doing different this round.

Megalicious asked on the returning members sub forum on

Ok so we have completed a round, and come back for more. I asked myself this question, what are you doing different this round to achieve your goals.

I answered there ... but I thought it was such a good question I wanted to blog about it too.
This is my fourth round of - but every round has been different. Every round I have focussed on something new ... and met new challenges.

Right now - as I start round four - I am generally happy with my size (still a little to lose but a long way from where I was). My fitness suprises me all the time with what I am capable of. And my mindset is pretty good too.

So this round - definately has a different focus to other rounds where I was challenged just to get up and train, or try new ways of eating.

In this round 3 2011, the five things I will be doing differently are

  1. I am doing lean and strong this round, a big mindset change

  2. I’m utilising PT this round to help push me beyond those I cants in my head

  3. I’m working on getting local events happening in this round and trying to pay it forward

  4. I’m tightening up even more on my eating and trying to choose consciously and mindfully. ( not just having wht i want for snack cause it fits in my 100 cal but choosing protein, carbs etc by my body’s needs at the time)

  5. I am focussing on total health, not just cardio to try to lose weight faster. In particular I am committing to give real time to my core and to stretching. I have already committed to stretching every single night before bed. Up to day 3 already!

Great question Megalicious! Thanks for making me think!

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  1. Your most welcome, I feel I'm heading in the right direction now. With all the wonderful support I have been recieving lately, the confidence is showing and growing, thank you so much for blogging, I feel honoured.