Friday, September 2, 2011

My Commitment - Preseason task #5

Hand on my heart, golden handshake, say it out loud.
This is my commitment to Round 3 , 2011.

To My husband, my family, to Mish and most importantly to me...

This round ... I am going to live with intensity and integrity.

I will follow the plan with integrity. I will eat clean, whole foods that nourish my body. I will train as the plan. I will trust Mish and follow her lean and strong program. I will listen to every video, do every task, give what it takes to follow her program honestly.

Beyond this though - I promise to live this round with INTENSITY

In this round Mish I promise to live with INTENSITY
When I train, I will train hard.
I will push beyond barriers.
I will try things that scare and challenge me.
I will leave nothing in the tank.
I will not say NO or I CAN'T during a session.
I will let myself suprise me.
I will dream bigger than I imagined possible.
I will open my heart, and share triumphs and struggles on the forum with passion.
I will leave myself vulnerable and open to failure - so I can also leave myself open to succeed beyone my wildest dreams
I will lift hard, run long, strive to succeed.
And also take time to rest.
I will live life loud, so at the end I can say no regrets.
AndI will do Mish and proud.

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