Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Letting you in on a secret

Even now ... one year on .. some days are hard.
Yesterday for example. Yesterday I wanted chocolate bad. No idea why ... I just wanted it.
And I'm not talking the small controlled have a few squares and get on with it craving.
I wanted it in bulk.

Yesterday I got to my favourite class - step.
And my heart wasn't in it.

Yesterday I was lucky to get one on one time for free with the pilates instructor to help with my core and stretching - and I was full of the I can'ts.

Last week I was 100% fully decided I hated running and was going to give it up.
It didn't feel fun and I didn't feel good enough.

And we won't even talk about my blasted plateau.

But you can't give in.
You are going to have days like that.
Heck - you might sometimes have weeks like that.

All I did was follow the motions.
I still ate well.
I counted my calories.
I went through the motions at training, turned up and gave my all.
I just did what Mish tells me to - no more no less.

And then you get days like today. Days when the sun comes out.
Days when your heart feels free!!

Today is a good day!
Today I ran.
Today I ate well.
Today I was busy and productive and although I'm still not caught up with life I'm on my way.

But most of all I am proud I didn't give in.
Some days you are going to feel down.

These are the days that test us ...
But these are the days that show how far we have come


  1. Soun proud of you for putting it all out there....good AND bad!!!

  2. what a great blog Kath! It's about being consistent when we want to through the towel in. And persevering no matter what.

    Congratulations on the Size 10's - what a thrill!! I've just shrunk out of my size 18's into 16's, so it's very inspiring to see you in those 10's!

  3. You're doing AWESOME!!!!! And a huge well done on your results today :)

    I really hope I didn't cause your choc cravings by talking about choc too much!!!