Thursday, September 29, 2011

Training is a gift

I've always been honest on this blog. Sometimes too honest. Right now is tough for me. Tears come easily and things don't make sense.

But today I also realised what an absolute TREASURE my training is. It is a GIFT.

All day I have waited knowing PT was coming. I knew it would be just what I needed. I needed to feel strong. I needed to sweat. I needed to feel my body respond just as it should to every challenge.

When my PT rang to ask to move our session 2 hours early I was pumped! Couldn't wait.

And it was a good session.

Treadmill sprints to warm up.
Then lat pull downs. Heavy. ( sorry don't know the kg ... He sets them . I trust him)
Followed by lat pull downs with a pulse. (ow!)

Chest press.
20 pushups.
Chest press. 20 reps. (can i say FATIGUED?)

Dumbbell flies . Timed. 2 min. I hit 50.

Stair jumps. The flight of stairs to the gym, missing one stair, and two if i could. 5 sets.

Cable rows. 2 sets.
Then one set alternating with a torso twist, timed, 2 min

Kettlebell burpees (what the!!)
Kettlebell swings.
Russian twists on fitball with kettlebell
Straight arm tricep extensions on fitball

Core work with fitball

Box jumps

Wall sit and streetch

When i finished, he laughed and told me I was no fun. That I was getting too fit and he'd need to start working harder to smash me. Loved that!

My training is a gift. I felt fit, strong, alive.

So alive, that i decided to finish it off with a run when i got home. As i told CoachRell before i went it was time to run until my body ached and my heart felt free.

I ran. No gps. No hrm. No time or distance expectations.

It was hard. My legs were smashed from pt. It was ugly.
But i felt free.

For a little while at least my heart didn't ache at all.

The weight loss, the smaller dress sizes, the health benefits ... They are great.

But the ability to run until my heart is free, to train until I feel strong again ... That is a priceless gift


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  1. Kath you have worked your butt off to get to where you are now. I love that you can use training & running in particular to set yourself free after going through a tough time. Remember this feeling. I get it. I love it. Xxx

  2. I wish I could run, my body hasn't recovered anywhere enough to run yet. I am so glad that you have this release and that it such a positive thing for you.

  3. Tears for you reading your blog tonight. sending love and hugs and prayers!

  4. Kath, you brought tears to my eyes....well done. Sometimes you do need to jus cut loose and go for it....its not about the workout, or the calories it's all about the run and space. You go girl

  5. This is such an amazing post... I hear you when you say training is a gift. I am on a restriction because of a knee injury and I really wish I could do more!

    One thing that really rang true for me was "run until your body aches and your heart feels free". I have never been able to put into words how running makes me feel - but you just did.

    I hope everything in your life works itself out. Thinking of you.

  6. That is such a powerful post Kath... even while you are in some difficult times, you are able to see the positives.

    And what a positive to be able to run, run RUN baby!!
    As an injured runner right now... I envy that you can just lace up and GO, GO GO. Smash yourself and leave it all out there.

    I can feel that feeling so well.
    Well done.

    You are inspiring to so many Kath.