Friday, September 2, 2011

FINALLY a decent run!

Yesterday I woke up, and knew I would run.
I had PT booked in the park ... but have decided to drop this to one session a week. It's getting too hard to find time for everything I wanted to do.

And my heart wanted to run.
Lately all my runs feel like a struggle. But spring brought a beautiful day ... and I was ready. And with a little over a week till Bridge to Brisbane I needed the run more than PT

And it was a great run. 5km complete. I could have kept going ... but occasionally you have to do housework!
I was really thrilled with my pace. Back under 6"30/km pace, and that was even after hunting down hills.

Oh and check it out .. Paul bought me a new toy to help me time my pace, distance etc on my runs! My new Garmin!

It was warm. I was sweating. And I felt awesome. It was one of those runs that bring joy to your heart!

My first run of spring and it was a beauty!

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  1. Hey!!

    Love your blog!!

    Did you do any research between the Polar and Garmin? i am currently looking into one and i am lost at which one to get!!!

  2. Steph i did and i've got some tips. Ill blog about it tonight!