Thursday, November 8, 2012

Shouting it out loud!

My commitment - round 4 2012 12wbt.

Yes - it's confirmed! I'm  in for round 4!!

I really wasn't sure - but the teasers for the Christmas menu, and some new features coming, as well as new mindset videos tempted me.

Then finale in Brisbane!!

I'm THERE!!!

So I am madly working my preseason tasks. Cause we know they are important.

And here I am to you - saying it out loud.

My commitment to round 4 2012.

This round I am living the round as a champion. I have no desire to get on stage - but I am living my round as a winner. I am doing what it takes to be a champion.

I am not taking things for granted. I am not going to "assume" I know it because I've done it before.

This round I am going back to basics - and listening to Mish

I will WATCH the mindset lessons - and download them as podcasts for when I walk.

I will FOLLOW Mish's menu plan

I will FOLLOW her exercise program. She wrote these for a reason.

I will actually do my before photo - and my measurements.

I will complete my fitness test.

I will do my SSS and my mini and major milestones.

In short - I will FOLLOW the program I've commited to.

And in February - I will have no regrets.

What's your commitment to yourself and the program?? I'd love to hear! Comment below!

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