Sunday, May 6, 2012

Round 2 2012, are you in???

Today is another chance to change your life.
Today is the start of round 2 2012 of the 12wbt.

I love this program.
It saved my life.
Not only did it save my life - but it saved and changed the lives of so many people I know!

What makes it succeed is the community!
The program works (but you have to actually DO it!)

But above that, get involved in the facebook groups, the forums (especially the forums) and twitter. Get support and love and help and encouragement from others travelling the exact same road as you.

It's not just about food. It's not just about exercise.
It's about support.
And tough love.
And working the mindset.
And pushing beyond what you thought possible.

This round I will not be a signed up member of the program, as I will soon be entering my last trimester and will be taking the training a little easier.

But I will still be living the 12wbt life.
I will still be eating well.

If you are not on my facebook page click on!/Courage2start and come join! That is where most of my updates are (and I believe you can now send me a message there too!)

Follow the blog (to the right there ----> )

And sign up!

I wish I had words to describe how has changed my life.

But maybe a few pics will help describe

Just the face. This blew me away. No wonder I used to struggle to breathe. And check out my eyes. Now they SPARKLE!

This pic wasn't even at the end of my journey. One year on. So much fitter and stronger. From barely able to walk - to running 10 km.

With Mish at Finale Rd 3 2011, accepting the inspirational blogger award. I felt AMAZING that night!!!

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