Sunday, November 11, 2012

Dear Brain. Please shut up.

Here's the thing.

I am ready.

I am ready to train.

I am ready to feel alive again!'

I am ready to feel fit. To feel strong. To feel like me.

Above all I want to run. But I have a problem.

My bloody brain gets in the way.

I want to be a runner again.

I want to feel that freedom.

And logically - it is the perfect answer for this mum of two. It is effective. It is time efficient. It is economical..

But that bloody brain keeps getting in the way.

It's going to hurt.

You're so unfit now.

You can't do it anymore.

You don't run.

You'll have to stop.

Well - the time has come.

I can keep using these thoughts ... these excuses as a reason to stay home.

Or I can put on those shoes, take a step out the door and run.

I might not go fast. I may not go far. I might not even accomplish what I have planned for the day.

But I'll be one day closer to my goals.

Today I was going to run.

I spent all day talking myself out of it.

I was out thinking my goals.

Then - just as the day ended, I laced up those shoes and I went.

It was slow.

It was only 2k.

At one stage Miss 7 was beating me.

But I didn't let the thinking get in the way.

One step closer to being a runner again.

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