Friday, October 12, 2012

Priorities ....

Right now - this is one of my number one priorites.
This little angel is so dependant on me.
And so all consiming of my time.

She is 9 weeks now! Can you believe it!
Life is getting that little bit easier. We are learning how to be with each other. The fog is starting to lift.

Yet I'm still finding it hard to find time to train - time just for me.

So mums who have been there before. How do you do it?
How do you fit in training time when they are new - and routine is so unpredicatable?

I'd love your tips and advice.

I am in a country town. No creche in the gyms. And her taking a bottle is a hit and miss affair.

So how do you do it? Leave a comment and some proof I can find a new kind of normal that works for BOTH of us!


  1. I have it a little bit easier than you as my gym has a creche. I generally boob Miss A, drop her in the creche, do my workout and then boob again. What would help without a creche maybe if you can use a capsule. I'd feed and then go for a drive until she's asleep and then take her out of the car and leave her in the gym (still asleep) while you train.

    When I go for a run its the same routine as my gym routine except that she's with me in the pram and generally sleeps for most of it.

  2. Well Kath all I can say is that if I don't get up early I don't get to exercise...I have three boys aged 5 and under and as the day wears on its harder to find the time. Sometimes I might do a DVD after 7pm at night when they are all in bed but mostly am too stuffed and busy doing other things then anyway. So yes most days I'm up at 5-5:30ish. My bub is now 1yr old but when he was younger I'd get up early, feed him and put him back to bed,then go for a run or do DVD etc.
    Not always easy though and when they are so little you are really doing a great job with getting any training in ...please give yourself a break and remember it will get so much easier as they grow up...and you get more sleep :)
    Good Luck!!

  3. There is a great blog called BikeBakeBlog (google it!) and she talked about how she fitted in exercise following the arrival of her first bub. She has lots of great ideas :)

  4. I have a gym set up at home. I would get up early and get my workout done while my girls were asleep and in the afternoons, before the witching hour, I would put them in the pram and take the dog for a walk.