Tuesday, November 13, 2012

Organise and Diarise. Or should it be PRIORITISE?!

By George!

By George I think she's GOT IT!

There is wisdom in how Michelle Bridges has set up the 12wbt.

See those preseason tasks??
They aren't just there to fill time so she can get maximum numbers each round.

They aren't just there for fun - or so she can ask "But did you DO the preseason tasks" when you are struggling.

They are there - because they are something you need to do.

Even after multiple rounds - there is wisdom and learning in them.
Each round you grow. Each round your goals and priorities and circumstances change.

And if you do the tasks - as in REALLY do them properly - there is gold within.

PRESEASON TASK #6 - Organise and Diarise.
Seriously. I almost skipped it.

I mean let's be honest. I have 7 year old. A dance obsessed 7 year old. It's concert time! And a 13 week old fighterbabe! Organising my life is next to impossible right now! If it's going to happen - it just has to be flexible and fit in where it can.

And then I realised.

That method hasn't exactly seen me getting great results lately.

Yep - leaving things to chance and planning to be flexible IS NOT WORKING. It's not working - because like mothers the world over I tend to put everything else first - the house, the kids, the husband ... and try to "fit" my fitness in around it all.

And it doesn't work

So here I am DOING this task. Not only organising and diarising BUT PRIORITISING!
Putting my fitness on the must do list.|
Putting value on my health.

Because as much as I value my roles as wife and mother, there is more to me than that.

If you are a mum, or just a busy person, I'd love to hear how you prioritise your fitness in a busy world. Leave me a note in the comments xx


  1. Not a busy Mum, but a busy person who travels a lot for work. I found that planning a month (or three) in advance just didn't work. What did work was marking all my commitments in advance that I knew were on the horizon (birthdays, Christmas parties etc), but then spending time each Sunday evaluating the week ahead and scheduling training around work trips, breakfast meetings etc. No two weeks looked the same, but each week still had training scheduled.

  2. Loving your blog posts Kath. I absolutely have to have a schedule but also need something to work towards. I have found that making sure I have regular events to front up to (fun runs etc) has kept me going. Picking things that push me just that bit further each time is helping too. Surrounding myself with positive people who love fitness and just see it as a non negotiable part of their life makes a world of difference. And a very supportive partner of course!!

  3. Kath, I'm doing a guest post over at Ironmum Karla about this - yes, you need to plan, but sometimes you need to plan for when your plan doesn't go to plan! A walk with bub in the pram was my last resort workout :)

  4. I have a shift worker husband, a hyper active 3 year old & breast feeding a 14 week old. Even after 2 sleepless hours during the night I managed to get up before the kids to do my first 12wbt workout. You are exactly right it's about priorities.