Sunday, May 20, 2012

Keeping it Real #week 26

26 weeks!

This week's Keeping it Real is a day late ... but I've had a mixed up week!
Not as big a week as my friend Rell! Check out her Keeping it real this week! Huge!
I have NO IDEA how she survived it in tact - but she did!

This week has been ... pretty blah for me to be honest.
Monday night I started to get the sniffles - and by Tuesday morning I was knocked flat with a cold.
It's been a long time since I've felt that bad .. and it pretty much took me all week to get over it.
So this week's strategy was survival parenting. Bare minimum. Lots of rest. Heaps of fluids. And take care of baby and me and get well as fast as I could. (which apparently is VERY SLOW)

So here goes ... this week's Keeping it Real


This week was all about HYDRATION. Being sick the one thing I concentrated was getting enough fluid. I am LOVING my new Lifefactory Glass water bottle! Dishwasher safe (for the germs), doesn't make the water taste plasticy or metallic and keeps the water cool.

Food wise,

Let's call this a rollercoaster week! Some things were good. I craved fruit (MANDARINS!) like never before. I would eat bags of the things.
Some were bad. Between tiredness, sickness and just feeling yuk I didn't want to prepare any food, so I bought easy options far too often.

My big lasagne and chicken soup cookup last week were a lifesaver! Home made frozen meals on standby are one of the best investments in your health you can make. No matter how you try to plan ... life always finds a way of throwing you a curve ball. ALWAYS have something decent that you can control in the freezer!


Things are going well. I feel huge already ... but I know I have a long way to go! I can feel my ligaments softening (hello relaxin) and have had a few close calls when my ankles have turned unexpectedly. Which means I need to talk to my PT tonight and make sure we are exercising safe.

I can definately feel I get full much quicker now. Baby must be pushing my stomach out of the way so he/she can grow! Oh - and the reflux has begun. UGH. I remember this from Miss E.

Baby has been great while I was ill at reassuring mummy with lots of movement. Best feeling in the world!


PT Monday night was awesome. Lots of lifting. Rowing. (I do hate the rower tho), hill walking. A really varied session which felt great.

Good thing it did. When the illness hit it knocked me for six. I missed bootcamp. Plus a bonus session at the dam :( By the end of the week I was getting some gentle walks in, because doing nothing felt worse than doing something. But this week was a real lesson in listening to my body.

There wasn't a lot of other this week. I slept. I ate. I rested. I rested.

Oh and paw paw ointment is the best thing EVER for a sore sore nose.

This week

My body is already telling me what it wants this week.
Clean food. Simple flavours.

This was my lunch. A very simple tofu and veggie stirfry. Seriously 10 min to make. Good food is not hard.

This week I am gently adding the exercise back in. PT tonight, where I will be talking about the "where to from here" now we are almost third trimester.

This week I am also going to look into aqua aerobics. Water has never been my thing. But I'm hoping I might enjoy it as a way to keep active in the next few months.

Lots of walks. Walks heal my soul.

Oh - and I've entered a 5k fun run! Just a local one. I want to be part of it with our local 12wbt crew! I won't be after a pb. I won't even run the lot. I'm going to do it with Miss 7, and we will run a bit, walk a bit, run a bit, walk a lot. But I think it will be great to get out there.

More sorting at home - starting to want to get things organised.

A nurturing week and a return to feeling better.

Oh - and this! Five:am yogurt has finally hit my local town!! It is GOOOOOOD!!
My new snack of choice!!

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  1. Hope you're back on your feet now and fully fit. Like your commitment to your health. Particularly into your third trimester. The baby will be proud and grateful to mummy for sure.