Monday, October 29, 2012

She's a star!

Once is just a fluke ... but today made it twice! My girl is a star!!


Well as you know I've been struggling to find the time I want to train.
One day I thought I'd try it - so took her and her pram to the 9am step class.

(Lesson one - carrying pram, bags, and baby up the gym stairs is my first workout for the day!)

Well - with a quick top up feed, and a good cuddle first - she settled into her pram both days and SLEPT!

Today she did wake up a little earlier - but a friend turned up and cuddled her through the ab track and stretch track for me.

I call this WINNING!

Next step is to try running with the pram ... although the way my legs feel after step I may try that tomorrow - not today :)

I'm on my way back :)

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