Sunday, November 11, 2012

Keeping it real ...

Today I was having a chat with my friend Kate (and a 12wbt legend she is!). The conversation ended with us agreeing that the one thing we do is keep it real. We tell our story - warts and all. (and sometimes there are some pretty ugly parts to it!) That's what you need to do if you want your story to show others they can change too.

In the spirit of that truth -today's post is dedicated to keeping it real.

Yes - I am back for round 4 of 12wbt.
I knew my body was going to change after my pregnancy.
I knew I would have weight to lose.

But honestly - I have more than just pregnancy weight to get gone.

Partly because I was more relaxed with my diet with pregnancy, partly because I had dreadful morning sickness that changed my eating habits (yes - I was still vomiting the day my waters broke), and partly due to the coffee shop at work and it's incredible date slice that tasted so good when I wasn't well ... I have more weight to lose than I would like.

I hoped that by the time I was 3 months post partum I would only have 5-7 kg to lose. That seemed realistic and doable to me.

But honestly. I have a good 15kg I want gone. And provided my milk supply isn't effected, I want the majority of them gone this round.

I'm posting this because so many of us lose weight, then go back to old habits and put weight back on. Maybe not all of it - but enough to know we are not where we want to be.

Guilt and berating yourself is not constructive.
It gets you nowhere. It won't get the weight gone.

The only thing that works is admitting it, taking a deep breath, and moving on.

And that's what I'm doing this round. Who's with me??

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  1. Love your work Kath. I have been a quiet follower of yours and admire all your courage and have cheered and teared with you along the way. You know you can do this, you have done before you will do it again. Keeping it real is a fantastic place to start. I am with you!!! I just ate a few too many jaffas and had a big homemade burger for lunch and I am okay with it. :)