Sunday, May 20, 2012

Big HUGE weekend!

For my 12wbt family ... it has a been a big HUGE weekend!

The WORLD RECORD BREAKING group workout!


For many - Emazon's Stand your Ground.

Seeing the results! Meeting friends! Celebrating!

For other's - there have been their own special milestones.
Following my twitter family I have celebrated Bryrun completing ANOTHER ULTRA Marathon!

So many 12wbt family ran. I especially take my hat off to the half marathoner's.It has been an amazing weekend all round.

This weekend I chose not to go to finale. Which made me sad :(
But other commitments were stopping me, and I had important baby growing business to do ;)

My 12wbt family still made me feel part of it - with tweets and photos and calls and texts (although next time Mish - could you PLEASE choose a venue with mobile phone reception!)

After a week of being sick - and then the weekend busy in and out of the house, I am ready for some normality.

Today I am eating clean.
My body is craving water. Fruit. Veges. Tofu!

Today I am rehydrating! A lot!

Today I am getting my home sorted for a way too busy upcoming week.

And tonight I train.

Whether you went to finale, or didn't - remember - it was just ONE weekend.
Your 12wbt journey does not have a finish date.

Today is another day. Listen to your body.
Eat for health.

And choose the lifestyle that will let you be the best version of you ever!

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