Sunday, May 13, 2012

Keeping it real 25 weeks

25 weeks today! Joining again with Rell at and "Keeping it Real" as we sum up our weeks.

This week has been a pretty tiring and emotional week. I think those pregnancy hormones have well and truly taken control. My sleep is very interrupted. I'm reminded how important rest in any way I can get it is.

This week I went out to dinner with my local team from! We were celebrating a successful round for many, and welcoming some new members. It was an awesome night. So much ENERGY! And it gave me a chance to frock up! So here it is - a rare pic out of workout gear on this blog!


This week was a lot better. I still had some slip ups, and still let too much sugar in - but I will try again this week. This week I found the energy to cook a little - which made a big difference. First up was a crazy desire for chicken and corn soup. I've never made it before and it was easy! And DELICIOUS! So that was lunch AND dinner for two days (whoops!) and more in the freezer. Yum!

Tonight Miss 7 wanted lasagne. So Jen's Lasagne from 12wbt it was. I never ever make one lasagne. 3 in the oven. So dinner tonight was sorted plus a lot of leftovers frozen. I'm hoping this makes eating well easier as I get more tired.

I had another obstetrician appointment this week - and again it was pleasantly boring. All is going well as far as we are aware - no complications. Next appointment I get scanned again. Movements are stronger and MIss 7 felt baby for the first time today!(Although I'm not convinced she believes it WAS baby!) I am tired. And waking up a LOT at night. And crazy insane dreams. 

So I'm focussing on resting when I can. For mother's day today I had a lovely long nap!

My exercise

This week had definate ups and downs. PT Monday was great. We did a cardio pyramid and it felt strong. Bootcamp Wednesday I felt like I was on fire! The shuttle runs probably looked hilarious but it felt GREAT to run! Friday's bootcamp was abysmal though. I felt sore before I started and just wasn't into it. I guess I was there though. Lots of walks too this week. I still haven't got back to classes at the gym ... maybe I will soon ;)

This week I have been trying to balance life. Time with Miss 7 - lots of school events for her. Appointments. House. Miss 7 got student of the week which I am proud of AND presented the classes work beautifully at assembly.

The nursery is looking great. I see an ikea trip soon to finish it off.

We do need to think harder about basics like a carseat some time soon too I guess. It is just overwhelming.

This coming week I am just focussing more on balance. Walking. Training. Stretching. Bubble baths. And cutting out that stupid sugar!!

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  1. Great blog and recap of your week again Kath! Your point about the dreams...omg I have had that too!!! They are so stupid & I remember them so well for the first time ever!! Hehe
    Lots of love to you, balance is everything. Thankyou for keeping it real with me xxx