Sunday, October 30, 2011

Some days you just are awesome.

Take Tuesday.

Tuesdays is not my normal pt session.

But considering my PT's partner gave birth to a gorgeous girl in the early hours of Thursday morning, there is no way I was letting him train me.

(he would have tho!)

So Tuesday - we made up a session. And I was awesome ;)

It was interesting in a way. My sessions are normally Thursdays. I spend all day getting myself mentally ready. It is always hard. I go in ready to train hard, to be strong, to win.

Tuesday I had little notice - and I was worried my mind wouldn't go where my body needed it to be.

But from the minute I walked into the gym - I knew it would be an awesome session.

One hour.

Cross trainer.

Cable row.

Leg press.

That's it.

One hour.

Three pieces of equipment

Drop sets.

It might have been simple - but it was not easy.

We went heavy.

Lots of dropsets. Eccentric holds. Pulses.

Short breaks.

And heavy.

Over 200 reps on the two weights machines including finishing each round with 50 reps at a lighter weight once my muscles were well and truely fatigued.

I had sweat shining off my skin from the very beginning.

My crowning glory - as heavy as possible. AMRAP (as many reps as possible)

I leg pressed 280kg. 11 reps.

I amazed myself!

That night - I felt all kinds of awesome!

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  1. I'm thoroughly impressed by that leg press number Kath! You sound like you're really ripping it up!