Thursday, October 13, 2011

Finding the gaps

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My nutrition is pretty good. At least I think so. I eat well. I eat whole foods. I focus on foods that will nourish my body.

But right now - my weight loss is sllloooooooow , (if at all!)

I'm training hard. Really hard. I currently have bruises from yesterday's PT.

Which means- somewhere - somehow things have been slipping into my diet that should't have .

I love the above quote. Your body keeps an accurate food journal regardless of what you write down.

It is so so true.

Weight loss cannot happen if your diet is wrong. You cannot outtrain bad food choices.

So I'm going back to basics.
I know where the extras are slipping in - late afternoon and evening snacks.

I've been "guessing" the damage - but now it's time to change my guesses into accurate figures.

I've started tracking again - with myfitnesspal.

Anyone else joining me?

I'll be interested to see how the scales reflect my honesty this week

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