Saturday, October 8, 2011

Week three blogging challenge - MY RESPONSE - FIND THE JOY!

Why am I always the last to respond to my own challenges?

This week I challenged bloggers to find the JOY! Especially the non food related joy!
Here are just a FEW of the things that bring me joy!

My family - especially my girl. Children don't come easily to everyone. She is a bigger miracle than we ever knew. I love and adore her -and her cheeky attitude to life! But what I really love is her JOY for health and fitness! Maybe, just maybe - she won't need to struggle like I have.

And my dog! He's an old dog. He saw me through a pretty rough time as a puppy. At times we still see that puppy in him. He's always up for cuddles and snuggles.

Feeling strong. I always loved cardio. I had no idea how incredible feeling strong would make me feel. I am learning to love to lift heavy - and see my body respond.

My man. Not only do I have the best husband in the world, and the most supportive one ... but how cool is it to finally be doing all these fun fitness things together! I finally get why he loved it! It doesn't happen often, but every time we get to run together brings me JOY!

My parents. No pic. They would hate that. But they love and support me in everything. They taught me to be strong. They listen to me talk over and over about what I am doing. They taught me how important family is ... They are my rocks.

The freedom of RUNNING. I never ever thought I would be a runner. No I am. I have the power to run till my heart is free! Adore!

PT time. I love being pushed, and the unpredictability of it. I love being suprised. And I love not giving in no matter what he throws at me.

My work. OK - I get sick of it like any other job. But I am So glad I made the change to nursing. I don't know if it's my forever career but I love it.

My twitter family. Instant support. All the time. They rock.

Blogging. I still have no idea why people read my blog - but I'm glad they do ! I love to share my adventures! Plus it's cheap therapy.

Music! Especially live music!!

Coffee! I love my coffee! (too much!)

Rare dates with my husband. We have no babysitter in our home town - and when we go away it's normally with a purpose - so those rare nights out together are special.

Oh - and it's totally shallow - but I love my Lorna Jane. I choose my singlet to match the attitude I need to bring. Awesome

Too many things bring me joy! But this is a pretty good start!

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