Saturday, October 15, 2011


Wanna know a secret?
Until yesterday I was terrified of spin.
I've seen people do that class before - they look like they've been through the ringer!
And it's something about the bikes ... they terrified me.

But ... my motto this round was doing things that scare me ... and what better way to conquer a fear of spin... than a SPINATHON!

This spinathon was special to me. Back in July a dear friend passed away suddenly, unexpectedly, and in our eyes - before his time.
He was fit. Only 59. And about to ride a 300k bikeride to raise money for childhood cancer.
He had decided he wanted to raise the most money ever - and when the ride came, and a teammate rode for him in his honour, $14,700 had been raised.

His wife, and dear friends did not want to leave it at that. $300 short of $15k? The job couldn't be left unfinished.

And so the spinathon was set.
4 classes. The gym donated the bikes and the premises.
4 instructors donated their time.

And it was a full house. Every bike was used. Some people even rowed a spin class!
This was not a time for sorrow.
This was time to celebrate a life - and a man's joy in being fit.
And to finish the job!

Paul started the spinathon for our family, as Miss 6 had to sing in the school choir. As a cyclist he brought HIS bike of course - freeing another up! And as soon as we arrived, Miss 6 hopped on a kids size bike and started peddling!

Class two and four were mine. While hubby peddled in class 3, I kept moving and rowed the third spin class. I have some callouses to be proud of!

I LOVE this photo of me! Yes it's blurry - but look! I see a fit, young, happy woman who can do ANYTHING she wants! It makes me realise I've got to where I set out to be and MORE!

Two full spin classes and one rowed ....I felt like a hot dripping mess and I was sure I'd bruised my behind! 1300 plus calories burned. Legs on fire ...and full of JOY! So glad that 12wbt has giventhe ower to support this man's wife in whatever way she chooses to honour him. She rode four classes. Because of 12wbt there was no thought - just YES! We will be there!

But i my mind - my girl was the hero of the day! On a Gecko's bike she rode part of the first two classes.
And the third class in it's entirity.

She would stand when we stood - race when we did.

She had a ball.

I tried to get her off it - no way was she budging!

Definately all kinds of awesome!

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  1. Kath, that is awesome.
    What a great day you had as a family :)
    Well done to your little Miss Six, what a champion!!

    In honour of your friend... fantastic!