Saturday, October 1, 2011

Woman of my word.

I had to run today. It had been too long since a decent one. I knew my body needed it. My mind did too.

But it was COLD. And by cold I mean ICY and headwinds!
So - I did what I do - and put a shout out to the twitterverse for a bit of "harden up princess" butt kicking. Thing is - Mish saw it, and kicked my butt she did.

And this is the flipside.
A photo of a woman of her word. No excuses. 10km done. In the beginning it felt great. In the end, that headwind had me swearing every step of the last k.

And here is the funny bit.
When I left I was i such a hurry to get out there and RUN that I forgot to change my socks!
I ran 10km in my bedsocks!
No wonder my feet hurt!

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  1. That's hilarious - love your socks by the way and congratulations on your run!