Monday, October 10, 2011

Day 1. Week 5. Lean and strong

This week we move into training a specific body part each day. Day 1 for me was chest and biceps ... I think one of my weakest areas.

Can I say .. dropsets are pure evil! Talk about BURN!
I really struggled this session. It felt hard. I felt weak. And soooo many pushups!
But I did it. Maybe not with the best form - but I did it.

Followed up by groupstep
It's release week at my gym! I love getting the new releases - but geez I felt unco-ordinated!
Sweated up a storm though!

Pushup track HURT though after weights training ... I guess I didn't think that through.

I love the new BTS posters.
I want to be the athlete I have dreamed of.
Right there.
That's the plan!

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