Saturday, October 8, 2011

Today's challenge. The 99

Today is Sunday. But today is not my rest day.
I'm about to go onto late earlies for work - and just in case fatigue hits me bad tomorrow I wanted to know I've done SOMETHING today. Preparing for a possible red flad I guess you would say.

I'm home with Miss 6 tho - so a run is out of the question. And after yesterday's AMRAP session I wanted to wait a day before hitting the weights again.

I found this challenge on

I substituted the leg lifts and alternated with squats with weights, kettle bell swings, and kettle bell squats dropping the bell to the floor and thrusting above head for variety.
And since I couldn't run that meant 11 min of fast step running, skipping and plyometrics to get the heart rate up.

Speaking of - my HRM isn't working. Going to wash the strap and see if that helps.

Anyway - it was a fun challenge. Miss 6 played outside while I did it (which was the aim!) and I know I've moved today!
Took just on the hour!

Are you up for it?

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  1. That looks like great fun! Might do it for one of my mini-milestones!