Saturday, October 15, 2011

Blogging Challenge #5! ALL kinds of AWESOME

Sorry this week's challenge is delayed.

I had it ready on time.

I really did.

But that challenge did not feel right for this week.

It didn't feel right for a week where we are halfway.

I didn't feel right for a week where I see people celebrating how far they have come ... but maybe worrying about how far they have to go to.

That challenge was deep. It relied on you looking into your past.

I didn't want that this week.

So ... since it's my blog ... I changed it!

Here it is!!


Yes I am!

I posted that on twitter this week.
"Did you know I'm all kinds of awesome? It's taken me all of my 37 years to realise it ... but I AM"

And guess what - no matter what you are physically - YOU ARE ALL KINDS OF AWESOME!

This week I want us to celebrate that.

Make me a list of your awesomeness.

Are you running? Can you sing? Are you a great mother? Are you the friend who never ever forgets a friends birthday? Do you make killer birthday cakes?

12wbt is about health and fitness - yes. But it is also about being the best version of you.

And that does not just mean skinny.

How are you awesome??

I am so excited to find out!

Don't forget ...



  1. Hey Kath... such a great prompt lovely, thanks for the thinking material :) Bx

  2. Hi all... apologies that I've (kinda) cheated on this and used a post I did the other day about waking up and being awesome. It also includes a link to a Full of Awesome post I did a while ago.

    (Hope this counts!!!)