Thursday, October 6, 2011

Red Flag. Bull.

PT on Thursday was awesome

Even though I'd worked all day my head was just in the right place. I was STRONG

Here's how it happened. Once again - with a few exceptions, no weights listed. I don't look at them. He sets them I do them. That way my head doesn't get in the way.

Warm up ... Rower 1km max resistance.

Leg press.

Chest press.
20 incline pushups
Chest press (heavier)
30 incline pushups

Cable row. 12 reps
Cable row. Heavier. 20 reps.

Russian twist on bench with unstable bar.

Russian twist with 7.5 kg dumbell on fitball
Straight arm overhead triceps with dumbbell on fitball.

Ab work. Still hurts like hell but WAY beter than last week. I think I even suprised the PT!

Latpull down 50kg x15 , 40 pulsing x20 , 30 pulsing x15
50 pulses at 50 kg. (OW!)

A little game he calls the "Sit up circus" with 5kg medicine ball.


I think however, I may have made a mistake. I kinda sort of told him that after pt last week I felt so great I went for a run. (whoops)
And then after pt this week I did a 4min wall sit and smashed a previous pb (more whoops)

It's like a red flag to a bull

When I hit the gym the next day he said "what are you doing here? you shouldn't be walking!"
Doms are yet to set in ;)

So there is a challenge set. Next week I think I'm in for pain.

Bring. it. on.

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