Wednesday, October 12, 2011

PT challenge - SMASHED!!

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So - I told my PT to set me a challenge.
Actually- what happened was I turned up to last weeks pt and said "I felt GREAT after PT last week - so good I went for a run!"
He didn't like that. The challenge was set.

Got a text early this morning bringing challenge time forward to 1030 this morning. Happy me! I was pumped! I didn't want to wait.

Arrived at the gym early, and warmed up. I didn't want to waste time today in my session warming up. I was ready for fun!

Here's how it went down.

1. Go to weights rack. Pick up 2.5kg dumbbells. Go to stairs. Run down stairs and back.
Pick up 5kgs. Continue as before. Repeat for 7.5, 10, 12.5, and 15k dumbbells.
For the 17.5 and 20kg I only had to get as far as the stairs. Mercifully.

2. Repeat 1. but in reverse. 20kg, 17.5kg. 15kg. 12.5 kg. 10kg. 7.5 kg. 5 kg. 2.5kg.

3. When you get back to 2.5kg dumbbells continue down stairs, out door and run around the block . Return to gym, up stairs and weights back.

4. "Situp circus" Working in pair with PT, ankles hooked around each other, throwing medicine ball to PT on "up " of situp, catching on "down". Repeat till 100. He only counts the good ones. Cause he sucks like that.

5. 10 aerobic steps laid in a line across floor. Walking pushups down length (AND BACK) - one hand up - one hand on ground.

6. Same line of steps. Tricep crabwalks. Up and back.

7. Drop to ground. 1 pushup. Run length of aerobics floor and back. Drop. 2 pushups. Run. Continue to 5.

6. 5 squat jumps. Run. 4 Squat jumps. Run. Repeat till one. If he catches you at end you're back to 5.

7. 30 Kettle bell squats. Run stairs . Repeat squats and stairs x stairruns 5 times

8. Discover heart rate is 170. Do a few stair sprints to try to hit 180. Max at 175.

9. 1 minute plank.

10. Stretch.

I think that's everything! If I missed something I'll update it as I remember!

I felt awesome! There wasn't a moment I felt like giving up! Honestly - I wanted to keep going.

Kath 1: PT 0

Ready for the next challenge!


  1. wow!!!!!! LOVE the challenge you were set! and LOVE that you smashed it! go kath! such a strong woman you are!!! love reading your blog! love the "Cause he sucks like that." comment too hahahahaha!

    how many calories did you burn?

  2. You are awesome!!!!! And your PT sounds like a legend!

  3. Kath, I LOVE this, I love how you push yourself and how you can't get enough. You ARE strong. xxx

  4. One word: Argh!

    Or three: OMFG!