Saturday, October 8, 2011

Lean and strong. The first four weeks. Wrap up.

Today marks the end of the first four weeks lean and strong.

It's been an experience.
For me - it's been a totally different mindset - and a real case of having to trust the program and hope it works.

Well - four weeks in, it seems to be working just fine ;)

It was a real mental challenge to turn my focus from cardio - to weights. Especially as I still have weigh to lose. To fit in all the workouts I have had to let my running drop right back. If I run once or twice a week I'm doing well.

At week four I have lost close to 2kg. I have lost 15cm off my body.

I certainly am stronger. My wallsit is up 45 sec to 4 minutes ... and I could have kept going but decided to stop to protect my knee.

Visually, I must have changed. Three different gym instructors have told me how great I'm looking.

Even though I haven't been running much, my runs are stronger dropping around 20sec/km off my average pace

I am stronger physically. Heavy things are fun!

And mentally. My pt sets me some crazy things. I haven't said no yet.

My training is more regular. I seem more dedicated to turn up to my strength workouts.

My muscles are growing. I can see those baby biceps forming.

And DOMS is a constant force in my life.

I'm certainly hungrier. I really have to watch my food. Plan my snacks. Get that protein in.

In classes I am more focussed on form. My pushups, crunches, planks are getting done more correctly.

My ab strength is still poor. But it is growing.

And my flexibility is rotten. As always. But I'm working on it.

I am smaller. My clothes are growing again.

And I am happy. I am loving this. And it feels so sustainable.

At week 4 I am excited. Two weeks ago I wanted to switch to lean and fit. Now I can't wait for week 12.

Bringit on baby!

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