Saturday, October 8, 2011

Blog challenge #4

I saw this on and loved it.
We all know what our Mish thinks of motivation!

4 week ago - or 4 rounds ago - or whenever our journey began- motivation may have been what inspired us to kick off! But now - the gloss may have worn off just a little bit.
The eating, the training, the mindset work we do - we do it because it is what we need to succeed. Not because it's some great new fun sparkly thing!

What I want you to do this week is reflect. Remember who you were. Celebrate who you are. You ARE a success.
You may have come a little way, or a long way ... but I've bet you've changed.

So here we go!

1. Describe in 25 words or less (why is it always 25 words) the you that you were before 12wbt
2. Now - who are you now??
3. What has the hardest been the hardest thing to make habit THIS ROUND?
4. What has been easier to make habit than you thought it would be?
5. How has your body changed THIS ROUND?
6. How has your mindset changed this round?
7. Finish this sentence "I now know I am strong because ..."
8. Finish this sentence "I am proudest of ...."
9. Finish this sentence "In 8 more weeks you will see me ...."
10. What word applies to you now - that you never would have used before 12wbt?

Don't forget to link your blog below! And if you get time - please visit another blog or two and leave a comment!


  1. Kath, finally decided to take part in the blogging challenges - they are great, keeps you on track, really. Would love to read posts by fellow 12wbters. Here's mine oh and do follow me on twitter, it's

    You are an inspiration!