Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Better late than never

Last Thursday's Bootcamp
Honestly was tired to start.
And it took a good 15min for me to get in the zone.
I finished feeling all sorts of awesome tho!

This week - no theme - just smash me.

Run round the block
Box jumps
Run the blockKettle bell squats
Run the block.
Spiderman pushups (hello!!)
Round the block again
Kettlebell overhead rise + tricep extension
The block
Kettlebell squats
Bosu ball situps

Lat pull downs - drop sets
Cable single arm straight thingy (who knows what to call it!)
Rower 1min HARD then 1 off for 2 km
Xtrainer 1 min sprint on auto

150 challenge
50Squat jumps,
50 pushups
50 Star jumps

No more than 10 at a time. With stairs in between
Was meant to do it in five - took just over 6 minutes.


It was fun but hard! I was tired after! And two pt sessions in a week, two step classes and bootcamp - my quads felt it

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