Monday, October 3, 2011

Tomorrow ...

Tomorrow I may not be able to move.

Miss 6 had her kids class at the gym today.
So I took the time and smashed up legs for lean and strong.
Once or twice I thought "I'll leave that and do it at home" when I saw the meatheads at the gym ...but I decided I deserved to be there and SMASHED it out. Every time you overcome a fear - that fear holds less power over you.

I loved today's workout. It was heavy. Lots of pyramid sets. But it made me feel STRONG.

Then ... a miracle (in our house) happened. Hubby finished work dead on time - and I was able to drop Miss 6 with him and head back for group power (the BTS version of pump).

I thought I'd go light. I mean let's face it - I'd just smashed my legs.
I didn't.
I went heavy and maxed EVERY track. For the first time ever I did the entire bicep track with 5kg plates on the bar.
And I am sore already. That delicious ache that means you trained HARD.

Finished the night off with zumba. Normally zumba after power means no doms the next day. Don't think it will work this time.

I. Feel. Awesome.

Remind me of that fact tomorrow.
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  1. Wow!! You go girl! Sounds like you had a ripper of a day!!!