Friday, October 7, 2011

Week 4 Mini milestone! AMRAPS

Week four of this round of 12wbt!
I can't believe how quickly it has gone!
By far - training wise especially this has been my most consistent round.
Weight loss is slow - but it is steady.
Measurements suprised me - definately dropping.
And people are noticing the changes - especially the trainers at my gym.
Lean and strong has me excited!

Today is mini milestone day. Normally I just go for a run. A big one.
Today I actually followed the challenge set for us by Michelle Bridges - the lean and strong AMRAP challenge
Oh. my.
It was tough.

Because time was limited I ran to the gym. It wasn't far - just 3km. But I pushed my pace and on muggy day I was feeling well and truly warm by the time I got to the gym.

And then I hit the weights room. Challenge time.
A full weights workout. Pyramid sets. Super sets.
And at the end of each exercise add in one extra set. Heavier than ever before. As many reps as possible (AMRAP)

It was hard.
I am awesome ;)

I must admit - on the leg press I didn't go heavier than before. Without someone to spot me I wasn't happy to go over the 160kg pb I've done before.

What I learned is that I am stronger than I knew.
ESPECIALLY in the legs.
My legs don't seem to struggle at all.
Maybe that running paid off.

And if anyone doesn't think you burn calories in weights training they are wrong

Halfway through I thought I was going to die.
What the heck was Michelle thinking?

At the end ... post stretch...

I felt like a rockstar.

Challenge accepted ... and smashed ...
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  1. Kath... you ARE a rockstar :)
    Sounds like an awesome workout !!!