Sunday, April 24, 2011

Yesterday was a beautiful run

It was beautiful in that I ran at the coast. And the weather was perfect.

And that I was sooo sooo happy that I actually WAS running that I ran my 5k with an absolute smile on my face! I looked like the cat that caught the canary! A big fat chesire cat grin!

But check it out. It was also a horrid slow run. 7min/km. Stupid slow. Of course part of that is I ran some of the run on the sand ... and it IS harder (for me anyway) but it still leads me to question my times.

You see, I really am no getting a lot faster. When my avg HR on a run is 146ish bpm ... it makes me question. Am I slow because I am a beginner runner and that is how I run? Or is it that I don't push myself? That I take the easy way out? Is this another mental game I need to overcome?

I wish I knew. My husband is a runner - but he doesn't think of all this. He's a bit of a greyhound. And this all comes naturally to him. He doesn't question and analyse like I do.

Does anyone have any advise? Should I be pushing things harder some runs?

Or can I just run for the sheer joy of it for a while??


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  1. "Or can I just run for the sheer joy of it for a while??"

    Why not? Why are you worried about running slowly? It doesn't matter unless it particularly matters to you for some reason.

    It partly depends on what your goal is: do you have a yen to run a longer-distance event like a half-mara or marathon, or are you planning to stick with 5-10km runs? If you're planning to stick to the shorter distances, it makes sense to work on speed, but if you want to go farther, work on distance instead. For me, 7min/km is my 'run forever' speed - as long as I'm healthy and in the right headspace, I can run a long way at that speed, and I want to get to half-mara distance, so I'm ok with being slow for now.

    But honestly, for the joy of it is fine; more than fine, it's awesome :)