Thursday, April 14, 2011

Triathlon week!

This week is triathlon week at 12wbt!

But really it's not about becoming some crazy obsessed triathlete ... Its about showing yourself just how far you've come ... And i think a kick to give you that fire in the belly to run towards the finish.

Last round i just didnt do it. Not this round. I am not letting perfectionism get in my way.

I really wanted to do the traditional tri ... Swim, bike, run

But i am worried. I have to work this weekend and im scared excuses will get in the way.

So to make sure it gets done i am going to attack the gym tri tomorrow night. 3000m row. 25k bike. 6 k run.

If i get enough light i will run on the road to the gym ... So i can do at least that part out doors.

Im excited. Ready to smash it.

And onthe weekend i am going to try and do the cycle on the road ... Just to show i can

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