Sunday, April 17, 2011

4 weeks to go and going to BRING IT HOME!

Four weeks to go! Can you believe it? Four weeks until finale!!

Now is when i have a choice. I have achieved so much already. I feel so strong. So healthy. So full of life,

I can potter on ... And head gently to finale ... Or i can give this thing my all.

With four weeks to go ... Who knows what i can achieve??

Four weeks.

Four weeks of super tight nutrition.

Four weeks of going hard. Four weeks prioritising my health for now and for my future. Four weeks to be the very very best me i can be.

Nutrition is set. Organised. Clean simple eating.

Workouts are booked in.

Ready to smash it up. Step it up a notch.

Four more weeks to feel awesome!!!

Who's in? The best me i can be??

Tomorrow's plan ... Pt at lunch. Then group power and zumba. That better be 1000+ calories gone or else.

Tuesday i work. Then step and boxing.

Wednesday work, and a run.

Thursday group power and step.

Running friday.

Run + smash it up in gym sat.

The next few days are looking exciting! Cant wait!

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