Friday, April 8, 2011

The run that was bad ... And the lesson within

Today is super saturday.

Today is the day of the week we are to do a smash up intense workout and bash a whole heap of calories out of the park.

Problem is ... I feel like crud.

I have doms in every muscle (how the heck did i get doms in my forearms??) i feel tired, i feel flat, and i have a headache.

But i got up, got dressed, made sure i was hydrated and ran.

Just a few minutes into the run i knew it wasnt going to happen.

It might have been a mindset .... Maybe i talked myself out of it before i began .... But it was such an effort to even move and it made my head go bang bang bang

So i stopped. And turned to walk home.


And then the victory occurred. I might not be able to run right now but i sure can walk!

All the way to soccer to watch my girl play. It might have only been 100cal burned ... But it was good clear thinking time. It gave my body a chnace to stretch out some of the aches, and i did something!!!

To me that is a victory! If i went home not only would i not have burned those calories ... But who knows what i would have eaten cause i was disappointed with myself???

And the day is still young. I am going to nap. Recover. Go somewhere new and pretty .... And see if i can smash out that run tonight!!!


  1. Sometimes we have to listen to our bodies. You've been smashing it out so many days, your body needed a bit of R & R! Congrats on opting for the walk, but don't beat yourself up. You're a winner for actually giving the run a go, in my book!

  2. You're doing so well Kath. I hear you on the DOMs - I had sore armpits this week after one of the Lean & Strong workouts.

    The main thing is you kept going and are happy with what you did. You changed your behaviour, which is the biggest win of all. And you might still manage a run!