Tuesday, April 12, 2011

I feel like cinderella ... Just a whole lot sweatier ...

I didn't go to the round 3 party last year. There were a whole heap of reasons ... Including worry about spending so much so close to christmas ... But in reality I was scared.

And i have regretted it ever since. Which is why i booked my tickets for this rounds party the day the city it would be held in was announced. I am not missing it this time.

But i still wished i had gone last time.

This round i made a promise. I am saying yes more often than i say no. I am trying new things. Fear is not going to rule me.

Which is why ... When i got a phone call from a certain challenger asking if i woud fly to sydney on monday with her i said yes. Even if it was a little crazy!!!

I did have second thoughts while waiting for her at 4am in the dark for a lift. Seemed a little crazy. We hadnt even met before! ( but she does know someone that i know and my sister sort of knows her ... There would have been a trail to find here ;)

Our biggest fear was missing our flight! Could you imagine how bad it would be to "almost" get to train with mish?? So that led to a 4am start ... And getting to the airport 2 hours early. ( but like good 12wbt ers we walked while we waited! Although she wouldnt do her first burpee there with me!!)

Somehow everything ran smoothly. We got there. Alive. Early. And in the right place.

Nerves were quietly bubbling ..l but i was so excited too... I just wanted to jump the nervous energy out!!!

The gym we were at was HUGE! i felt very much country mouse in the big city!!!

As people arrived ... Nerves bubbled more. I met some awesome 12wbt ers!! Oh and i got to meet gabi!!! That was one of the best bits of the day! (gabi is part of our support crew, a very experienced trainer and a good friend of mish. She rocks. Not only does she answer my dumb questions about technique ... She answers them in depth and with so much love and support!!! Thank you gabi!! It was soooo goood to meet you and thank you in person!!!

Then we were ready. Mish was on stage. The training was set to begin.

For once i wasnt hiding down the back. If i had flown from qld i was bringing it. Smashing it as hard as i could. So in thhe centre. A row or two back. And strategically positioned so i could see the awesome AC from the challenge. If i could keep up with her i knew i was going hard.

And hard it was. In an awesome fun way. I was such a dork. I couldnt stop smiling!

Classes with mish rock! You can see 20+ years in the business in how she runs her class. She is a little powerball of energy!! She inspires you to go hard, so of course you do!! And there is no way i was going to slack off with mish in the room!!

What i learned ... There is a whole new level of intensity i can bring. My hr peaked at 178. I havent done that in a class for a long time. Now i know the intensity it takes to get there.

I learned i am capable of so much more than i thought. I worked the entire class at high intensity and i did it. My body is fit now. I just need to tell my mind to shut up.

I learned how effective a circuit can be. 30 sec on ... Squat jumps on a step, pushups, frog jumps, shoulder presses, ski jumps over a step, tricrp dips. Hard and fast as many as you can do. Rest 90 sec at the end. Repeat 4 times. It smashed me but i can do that all at home. I just have to decide to, no excuses.

I learned i really want to work on pushups on the toes ....

I learned how far i have come. Before i would have been aching and breathless waiting for the class to end. This time i didnt want it to stop!! I was bouncing with energy after!!!

Flying to sydney to train with mish.... Crazy? Probably !!! But as i said on twitter ... Oh so worth it!
i promised mish i'd bring home the final 5kg and im going to. Time to hit the gym.

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