Saturday, April 9, 2011

Just a few simple words ... But a big lesson ahead ...

I met Mish today. How cool is that? After 24kg and truly changing and saving my life I met Mish.

To hear her speak was extraordinary. I'll blog about that later when I get my notes together. But let's just say when mish tells you to do squats and to do them deeper you do.

She signed my book. I didn't watch her ... We were too busy talking of how things had changed.

Look hard at what she wrote.

I deserve it.

This loss didn't happen by chance. I worked hard. I deserve it.

I deserve all I have gotten. Health, energy, vitality ... I deserve it.

In the past I would have used those words differently.

I can gave a treat ... A drink ... A break ... I deserve it. What was I really getting? A lifetime of I'll health, sadness,a me I didn't need to be.

Somedays I get compliments on my journey. Somedays I smash massive goals and start to revert back into old ways ... Sabotaging my efforts with "treats" because "I deserve it"

But I don't. I deserve to be my best me. Fit. Healthy. Strong.

This is going to be my mantra. I am going to tell myself I DO deserve it until I believe it as a truth.

Thank you mish.

Much love xxx


  1. You do deserve it!! And what a BIG few days for you with today and tomorrow!!! Rock it out :) P.S. sent you a friend request on Facebook, but forgot to put in a message letting you know I was a fellow 12wbter and not a run of the mill stalker hahahah!

  2. Awesome Kath - you do deserve it!