Thursday, April 14, 2011

Crazy comparison time!!

4 weeks to go. To me that means ... time to reflect.

When I began this journey it was September 2010. This is my second round of 12wbt. I can honestly say 12wbt has changed my life

I began at a size 18-20. Today as I stand I am a size 10-12! Amazing!

I was morbidly obese ... now I am within 3 kg of being healthy!

I didn't like to try new things or go places. Now I am trying ANYTHING I can! I even flew to Sydney just to train with Michelle!

I had a bmi of 35.5. Now I am down to 26.4 and dropping all the time.

I used to think a 20 min walk was exercise. Now I can run. I can lift heavy weight. I have the strength and energy to do my job well and safely.

I used to have insomnia. Now I sleep all night every night.

My BP was 165/95. Scarey high. Now it is down to 110/65/. Healthy!

I was terrified of being diabetic. And I reckon I was close.

I had no energy. I was sad. I felt so self conscious.

Now I am looking for a party dress that will ROCK and I am ready to CELEBRATE!

Even the 8 weeks so far of this round have blown me away! After losing most of my weight last round and in the offseason I was worried I would not see changes.

But I have. I feel fit. I feel strong. And I reckon I look it too!

I have a personal trainer! I love her. She is crazy. But she won't accept my limits that I put on me!

I can run!
I love to run! (some days!)

I am an exerciser. I know that is what my body needs and craves. I don't always want to but I do it!

No longer do I hide my problems with food. I fix them. And if I am stressed I hit the gym. It works!

4 more weeks of this round. I am so stinking excited!

I am ready to go hard. Go to the end. And then book some serious pampering!

I deserve it!

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