Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Those elusive last 5 kilos ...

Weight loss can be addictive! Especially the weeks when you put in a huge effort ... And get the results you want!!!

And seeing the numbers add up! 24kilos!! Can you believe it??

The thing about those last five kilos ... Especially when you have been overweight ... Is you never know when you are there. How can you know when you are in those last five kilos when you just aren't sure what that final point is for your body??

In the past my goal i had in mind was to be healthy. To be at the top of my healthy weight range. Cause anything else seemed impossible.

Now i have the tools ... I know i could do even more than that ... And it is tempting to keep going fuelled by the addictive nature of the success of weight loss.

So here i sit today. If my goal was to hit the top of my healthy range, i am almost there. Less than 5kg. 4.3 kilos to go.

Somehow i think i want to be less than that. Not skinny less ... But heathy with a buffer zone. Once i am healthy i dont ever want to go backwards to overweight or obese again.

So the thought is ... What to do? Am i in those last 5 kilos?? Or when do they start??

I know it is just a term ... But it matters to me to name that part of my journey ... And to work through those last 5 kilos with intensity.

So i have decided.

As of today i am losing my last 5 kilos. That will take me down to a weight of 65.3kilos ... A seemingly impossible goal in september last year.

After i hit that goal i may still lose weight.
I will still eat to plan. I will still train.

But i am going to focuss on my fitness ... Not the weight loss and i will see where my body wants to lie.

It is a decision that brings me peace ... But also gives me the fire to go onto goal!!!

Bring it on!

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