Monday, April 25, 2011

A better day. :)

Look what God sent me on my run today!

Today i ran because i could. Today I ran in honour of our Anzacs ...who fought to keep our land safe and free.
Because of them i can go running and not worry about soldiers, or being judged as a woman running. Because of them the freedom i feel when i am running is TRUE freedom ... And what better way to honour them, than relishing in that freedom.

And i got my 8k in. With mother's day classic two weeks away it felt good to know i could go the distance. Even with a stinking headwind!

And it felt great to finish at the river for a play at the parknwith my girl. Hot and red and sweaty.

Starting to get cold when you stop tho! Might be time to work on some winter running gear!

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