Friday, March 4, 2011

SSS - doing it like a ROCKSTAR!

Today is Super Saturday Session. As Mish said on facebook - she doesn't care how you do it, as long as you do it like a rockstar.

Today I woke and it was cool. Finally. I hate the heat.

Told my husband I was running away from our house - toward the river, and I would call him when I couldn't go any further. I didn't want to run close to home - too much temptation to stop.

So I ran ... and ran ... and even when it hurt a little I ran ... (but suprisingly I felt pretty good!)

And I burned a LOT of calories! In the end it was close to 900 ...

Cause I ran 10 km! Non stop! As in all running no walking!

Remember last year (actually November last year) I was pretty much a NON RUNNER

And today I ran TEN KM!!! I am a RUNNER!

1hr 15min. Those last 5 min seemed to take forever!

Beetroot face to prove it!

Afterwards I walked to a coffee shop and had a quiet skinny chino while I waited for my family. I think I deserved it.

And yes - I did it like a ROCKSTAR! Integrity and commitment! My words for the week!


  1. Well done Kath! I'm spending my SSS still sore from my first ever Pump class the other day... I'm heading to yoga this afternoon in the hopes it will stretch out my muscles enough to allow me to do PiTD with AC!

    What app are you using on your iPhone to calculate your runs? It looks pretty cool...

  2. Great work! I think you mean you ... all running no walking ;)

  3. Thnks Anonymous! I was obviously stuffed when I wrote it! Fixed it!

    Kirsten - it's runkeeper - and it's FREE now! It's great!

  4. You're a constant inspiration Kath! Great work! x x

  5. Congratulations! That first 10k is a big milestone :)

  6. Kath - you are an inspiration!! Makes me want to go for a run now...

    Bring it on :)

    Kylie xx