Sunday, March 20, 2011

My first fun run ... lessons I have learned ...

Isn't everything a learning curve??
I really battled with whether to do the 10k or the 3k for my first fun run.
In the end I decided to do the 3km (mainly because I entered when even that sounded impossible. Who knew what I could achieve in 3 months!)
Although it was short - I'm glad now I chose that distance for my first organised event. I learned a lot. Here are a few of my "discoveries"
  1. Take the time to read the instructions. Make sure you know where you are going to be, when, and how. Being prepared makes the day so much less stressful. And check the website before you leave. Changes can happen at the last minute!
  2. The queue for the toilets is looooong. Go to the loo early than you think you need to. Then go again. There is no time for last minute queuing!
  3. I've alluded to this in a previous post. Run in your race day outfit the day before you run. I lost weight. My skirt almost fell down! I had to take the pins off my race number and pin it up while I ran! Could have been VERY embarrasing!
  4. If you are used to running with music (and the race allows) use it. If you are not going to use it ... practise running without it. I found it very hard to get my groove when I left my headphones at home
  5. Share it with someone. Take family. Take a friend. Heck - twitter it if you have to. But share the fun!
  6. Get someone to take photos! I am so glad I did!
  7. Get out there and do it! It won't be a perfect run. But it's the start of a whole new adventure! Open that door!

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