Thursday, March 3, 2011

Officially declaring yesterday a ROCKSTAR day!

Can you believe it!! The storm cleared and fast! I got to run!!! I was so excited i was out the door the moment my husband came home!

And what started out tired was a fantastic run! As i was nearing 3k i realised i had the chance to do a pb on a 3k split and break 7 min/km .... So i pushed it hard .... And made it!!! Under 7min a km! Rockstar!

And i didnt stop then ! Thought i still had energy in the tank ... So kept moving. And made 5k ... In my best time yet i think!

By then i was feeling great. I could still keep those legs moving so kept going. I've only run 7k before and sort of thought it was one of those flukey runs. Well i might have slowed down but i smashed 7k!! To think in november/december i was struggling to finish 3k! I really am becoming a runner!!

And i have a sweaty, STUFFED beetroot face to prove it!


  1. Go Kath! Great work. It's amazing what you can do when you push yourself that little bit further! I continue to surprise myself with my running progress.
    Keep up the awesome running!

  2. way to go Kath :) Keep up the great effort? What is the app that you are using to keep track of your times? Might need to finally get an iphone LOL

  3. Thats fantastic, one day I hope to be able to run too.... see you Sunday. I will be the one with sunglasses on and a hat trying to