Thursday, March 24, 2011

I still feel like crud ...

But it feels SO GOOD to train again!

My nose isn't running anymore ... but my chest feels heavy.
And I am still so tired.

But I have goals to meet.
And I'm sick of sitting around feeling sick.

No more.

Today is a public holiday for the local show. So I left my girl with her daddy and told them I would be off walking. That I wasn't ready to run ... but I could at least go for a gentle walk. It's a start right??

Well I got to walking ... and I felt good.

SO I turned a corner ... and found me a nice little hill ...

That should get the heart rate up!

Oh - and see that side street to the right? I felt so good that I jogged up to there! Just cause I can!

The best bit was - when I turned around ...

This was the hill I needed to go up to go home!

(new goal? to be able to run up these hills??)

What a way to turn a walk into a workout! Certainly got the heart rate up!

The best bit is ... when I got to the top and had no more hills I thought I could jog little... and got an easy 2.5km jog in to finish up.

You have no idea how good it felt to run again.

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