Tuesday, March 22, 2011

A new challenge on the horizon ...

I've commited.

One thing I learned from my adventures with the Twilight Running Festival is there is no point thinking I "might" do a run if it fits in with our family. I need to sign up. Pay. Commit. I need to be in hook, line and sinker to make sure I follow through.

Otherwise it is too easy to find an excuse.

So here we go. I've signed up. I've commited. I've paid (and i am going to need to pick up more hours to pay for these fun runs!)

May 8. Mother's day. 8km.

A big jump from the last run .... But i reckon if people out there can kick cancer's butt ... Then the least i can do is work through 8km in the honour.

Training starts tomorrow. I better be better or else.

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