Monday, March 21, 2011

Beating the perfection monster -


It's a dirty word in this house.

SO many times i am too scared to do something, or don't even start ... cause I know I won't be able to do it the way I want to.

When my headaches set in, and I had those bad two weeks I couldn't have done the program the way that I wanted to. So I didn't.

I couldn't run. But I could have walked. I could have done core. I could have done light weights.

But I didn't.

Sunday morning I got quite a bit of "twitter therapy" on this subject.

The summation? You don't have to do it perfectly - you just have to do it.

Last night I was planning group power + cardio + zumba. It's how I like to smash up a Monday. Burn 1000+ calories. Get going for the week.

But I wasn't well ... a cold is on the way and I was starting to get miserable.

Every part of me wanted to stay home. After all - there is no way I could complete that smash up session.

Instead I went and just let myself do group power. I worked hard. I raised my weights. I concentrated on form.

It exhausted me.

And then, instead of feeling guilty about what I hadn't done, I went home and rang my mum.

I didn't let perfectionism win. I did what I could and kept on my journey.

That's a big win to me

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  1. Congratulations on the fun run. Welcome to the official "I am now a runner club"! And congratulations on embracing consistency rather than perfection. Here's a quote I like - "Failure cannot handle persistence"

    Well done!