Wednesday, March 30, 2011

A new resolution ...

6 weeks to go of 12wbt 44 days till the party. And my budget does not look good.

It doesn't help that I had to replace our hot water system. Or that I've been trying to buy clothes on sale to make sure I have SOMETHING to wear. Or that I had to buy the girl winter uniforms.

I have paid for my flights ... But accomodation, tickets ... oh and shopping expenses will be coming up soon.

So - despite my limited wardrobe that fits ... until the party I am buying nothing for me (apart from the party outfit of course! Can't go naked!)

No more clothes. No cute shoes.

If I feel like I want to shop (for fun) I'm going for a walk instead! Time to save up so I can shop in Melbourne!


  1. Kath, that's a great call because the shopping in Melbourne is just awesome - and it's made even better when you don't have a lot of shopping where you live - the first time I went down there was for the INBA National Titles and I not only looked good, I had an absolutely wonderful time in the shops - the only down side, I had to buy stuff in a size up as there is no way I can live at my bodybuilding weight (53kg) - I'm 5'5" :) However, that said, at my normal size (58-59kg), I'm still wearing everything I bought down there.
    Lots of incentive to finish strong!

  2. I think your Mum is going to subsidise your expenses in Melbourne. Reward for taking this big step and sticking with it.