Friday, March 11, 2011

Flat as the proverbial tack ...

Yep. This week I don't ave my heart in it.

I am tired. I am flat.

Is it the 3 week blues? That time of the month? Or is it the fact that I am fighting off sickness and my body is tired?

I'm not sure. But I know I have to find my way back, and I will.

Time for robot mode. Doing what I've been told to do ... and not questioning why.

I'll get there. It's just a bump on the road


  1. Hi Kath, Hope you are feeling better. Don't get too disheartened. From what I have seen you have been really pushing yourself, maybe you should give yourself a break, have a look through everything you have achieved (which is just fantastic)and how far you have come with your fitness. Just try not to fall off the healthy food wagon....
    You Can Do It :)
    Cheers Karen

  2. a new week ahead. Don't be so hard on yourself

  3. Hope you're feeling better? are my inspiration...