Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Smash it up week. PT number 4.

PT #4.

When I planned Smash it up week I had no idea if I would make it this far or I'd still be having fun.It's amazing how you can suprise yourself sometimes ...

Yesterday my legs were smashed. I was luck to spend an hour in a friend's very warm pool and stretch and stretch. That and my skins are what saved me I think.

Last night I went to step. My legs were cramping from inactivity - so I hoped that step would help get the aches out. Not sure if it was that effective.I was still pretty sore. It was fun though.

PT rolled around this morning and I was still excited to go! That in itself was a miracle.

I am thankful for a PT who gets me. And who knows where my body is at. Today no leg smashings, no box jumps, no treadmill. After over 500 box jumps this week my quads wouldn't take it.

Today we had fun.

Warm up

2 x 5kg weight plates. Run them down the stairs. Leave at the bottom. Run back up the stairs.

Repeat 5 times in total.

Then bring them back up.

Bag drags

Take the big taller than me boxing bag in the gym. Tie a rope to it. Drag it the length of the aerobic floor.

Run it back.

Then repeat. With PT sitting on the bag.
I'm proud to say my technique is getting better. As he says - we need to get my bum down.

Repeat stair climbs

yep with those weights again

Repeat bag drags

Am I glad I brought my gloves!

Then my own personal hell began

He calls these faceplant stair climbs or some such nonsense.

I don't think I can describe them. They involved me, upside down on the stairs. Sort of in plank position. And then climbing the stairs. Two flights. With a corner. I think it's best you just have a look and see Youtube

I'm going to tell you the truth. I hate these. A lot. This was the first time I think I've seriously wanted to tell him no.

But I did them. Kind of. In my own way.

Repeat bag drag

First with PT plus some random child on it.

Then faster on it's own.

Repeat personal hell - faceplant stair climbs

Ugh. Oh and video it! Of course we videod at the end when I was exhausted!

Repeat weights up and down stairs.

One last time

Then stretch oh how I needed that stretch

So 4 PT sessions in 4 days. Totally doable.

My body feels good. I feel strong. So glad I did.

Tonight I'm on night shift so tomorrow I rest. And sleep and stretch.

And scheme. I need plans for the weekend

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  1. Great job Kath! I'm walking funny today but gosh don't you feel wonderful for nailing such achievements. Thanks for the "rock star" inspiration - I smile and think of you every time!